Fewer Indian students coming here - rogue education agents in homeland

25 August 2016
There are fewer students from India and workers from the Philippines coming to this country, but more workers from South Africa and investors from China, according to the latest migration figures.

'We didn't do anything wrong' - Indian students sent home

24 August 2016
India-based agents overwhelmed New Zealand authorities with fraud. Student visa fraudsters 'flood system like drug importers' "The agent has done the wrong thing. Why are they blaming us. We can't do anything," Mr Pentyala says.

Killer driver could be deported

23 August 2016
The young woman who killed a Tauranga motorcyclist could be heading home to China as soon as Wednesday - without completing her full sentence. The same day her sentence was reduced Immigration New Zealand [INZ] served Xiao a deportation order.

Tenfold increase in interest from Brits wanting to move to NZ - BREXIT

22 August 2016
More than 10,500 registrations from people considering moving here from Britain have been lodged with Immigration New Zealand since the Brexit vote. The agency's deputy chief executive, Nigel Bickle, said interest from UK nationals rose tenfold on the day Britain voted to leave Europe.
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