Immigrant maths teachers stalled by red tape

08 February 2018
Two South African maths teachers have been unable to start work at Rangitoto College because of delays in getting visas and New Zealand teacher registration.

Govt wants to close 'back door' path international student to resident

29 January 2018
The "back-door" to New Zealand residency for lower-qualified international students may have led to students targeting New Zealand as a path towards residency, rather than study purposes.

Government to tackle migrant exploitation, regional skills shortages

29 January 2018
At a time when xenophobia lives in parts of the world, New Zealand needs to have a discussion about shaping immigration policy in a way that focuses on skills, not race. The immigration minister says during this discussion, we must never forget migrants are people with hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Immigration NZ accepts assessments were flawed

09 January 2018
Immigration New Zealand is reviewing its guidelines on residence visas for Information and communications technology (ICT) professionals after accepting its assessments were flawed.
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