18 September 2017
PLEASE NOTE THE NZAMI OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED FROM THE 18TH OF SEPTEMBER TO THE 09TH OF OCTOBER INCLUSIVE. If you have any CPD orders you will need to have them to this office BEFORE Thursday the 14th of September. Any CPD orders received after the 14th of September will be processed once the office re-opens on the 10th of October 2017.

INZ plan to close overseas offices, bring visa processing back onshore

18 September 2017
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has confirmed plans to bring the bulk of visa processing back onshore and to employ 110 more local staff to do them. NZAMI director Simon Moore said he was concerned that verification in risk markets could suffer by not having overseas officers with an understanding of cultural intricacies and trends of fraudulent behaviour.

The Big Issues - watch a rundown of the parties' immigration policies

13 September 2017
Vote 2017: With net migration at record levels and staying higher than most people expected, where do our political parties stand on immigration - who wants to cut numbers, and who doesn't?

Desperate Bay of Plenty migrants face uphill battle finding work

12 September 2017
Every week Michael Sami has to turn away migrants and foreign students who show up at his shop desperate for work.
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